• IMPROVMENT: added action iworks_upprev_image – you can add own code to produce icon, when them don’t support post-thumbnails
  • IMPROVMENT: added thumbnail filter iworks_upprev_get_the_post_thumbnail – now you can easy change thumbnail
  • IMPROVMENT: added purging transient cache entries from $wpdb->options table when turn off this cache forum
  • IMPROVMENT: add check _gaq object exist
  • CHECK: checked compatybility to WordPress 3.3
  • IMPROVMENT: updated IworksOptionClass to version 1.0.1


  • IMPROVMENT: added box width option
  • IMPROVMENT: added box bottom and side margin option
  • IMPROVMENT: added transient cache for scripts and styles
  • IMPROVMENT: added actions: iworks_upprev_box_before and iworks_upprev_box_after, called inside the upPrevBox, before and after post. Now you can add some elements to upPrevBox whithout plugin modyfication.
  • IMPROVMENT: added option to display (or not) close button
  • IMPROVMENT: added post type choose: post, page or any.
  • IMPROVMENT: added random order for displayed posts