• BUGFIX: fixed end date filter for imported posts
  • BUGFIX: fixed javascript conflict on edit post screen
  • BUGFIX: fixed problem with unchecking ‘Excerpts’. forum thx benjamin
  • BUGFIX: fixed sticky posts display loop
  • BUGFIX: fixed thumbnail display problem
  • IMPROVMENT: added filter ‘iworks_upprev_box_item’ for any item excerpt YARPPs
  • IMPROVMENT: added GA track: view box and click link
  • IMPROVMENT: added option ignore sticky posts
  • IMPROVMENT: added sanitize function for offset
  • IMPROVMENT: added thumbnail preview on posts/pages list
  • IMPROVMENT: cleaning empty styles from custom css field
  • REFACTORING: option managment


  • IMPROVMENT: added filter iworks_upprev_box
  • IMPROVMENT: added tabed options (based on Breadcrumb NavXT plugin
  • IMPROVMENT: added prefix and suffix to urls
  • IMPROVMENT: added option to allow open links in new window
  • IMPROVMENT: added integration with YARPP
  • BUGFIX: fixed Transients Cache Lifetime is set to wrong seconds
  • BUGFIX: fixed deactivation hook option names


  • IMPROVMENT: added to use transient cache
  • IMPROVMENT: added thumbnail width (height depent of theme thumbnail)
  • IMPROVMENT: added prevent some options if active theme dosen’t support it
  • IMPROVMENT: added activation & deactivation hooks (to setup defaults and remove config )
  • BUGFIX: remove all filters the_content for post in upPrev box
  • BUGFIX: fixed display upPrev box in case of an equal height of the window and the document