Filter Reference / iworks upprev get the post thumbnail


iworks_upprev_get_the_post_thumbnail is a filter applied to a value thumbnail src.


function change_image($value) {
    # ...
    return $image_src;
add_filter('iworks_upprev_check', 'change_umage', 10, 1);

Return a image src value.


(boolean) (required) The value of image src, to display some image.

Default: None


Replace entry thumbnail if post belongs to category “News”:

add_filter('iworks_upprev_check', 'change_image_to_news');
function change_image_to_news($value) {
    if( is_post() && in_category('News') ) {
        return 'http:/';
    return $value;

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One thought on “Filter Reference / iworks upprev get the post thumbnail”

  1. Hi, two questions

    1. How can I modify the thumbnail so that it’s a rectangle instead of a square? All of my post default images are 16:9 images, so it should be easy to crop down to this size.

    2. How can I display the post headline below the thumbnail instead of next to it?


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